Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sparkling Update

We've been remiss here at sparkling squirrel in reporting on sparkling wines recently. There is a reason for lack of sparkling wine drinking, and, until that reason arrives (she/he is due in early July), the lack of wine sampling will likely continue.
However, to celebrate being with family and to announce our reason not to drink sparkling wine, the Mister and I did toast with some fine vintages recently. With The Mister's parents we had Jansz Tasmania, a mysterious (as to varietal) Tasmanian premium non-vintage cuvee, which I really liked for what little I sampled, and the crowd did not. We also opened a Biltmore Estates Chateau Reserve 2003 Blanc de Blanc, much preferred by Prairie Quilter, but which reminded me that chardonnay based Blanc de Blancs are not my thing.
In Colorado we drank the last (?) of our wedding sparkling (Korbel Blanc de Noir) and a bottle of true champagne, a grand cuvee purchased simply because it was relatively inexpensive. Both were good, but the later certainly not twice as good as the former, as the price might suggest.

Find a reason and drink some sparkling wine, or whatever makes you feel festive, and keep celebrating.


Beth said...

Congrats again!


Amateur Reader said...

Two bottles of sparkling pear juice are waiting for you out on the prairie to help you celebrate over Christmas.

Marieke said...

Meant to say earlier, S.S., thank you for recommending The Crow Road. I found it at the library and have since bought my own copy at a local charity shop. Very fun reading about our own Argyll landscape in all its glory. Thanks for the tip!

The Prairie Quilter said...

Did I taste the first sparkling?!! I was too excited and happy to notice what it tasted like!