Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pinning my hopes on the Royals (Royals! Really?)

 The Mister will tell me that his hasn't given up on his Chiefs, but for all intents and purposes the athletic teams we now have hopes for in this household are the Broncos and the Royals.
When I moved to Kansas (14 years ago!), I added the Royals as my American League team (no conflict with my pro-Rockies and pro-Cubs allegiances) and the Mister has always been a fan, so cheering for the Royals is nothing new.  And, frankly, giving up on college football early in the season (CU and KU are not exactly powerhouses these days, and SWOSU has never been) has happened many times before.
But the Royals at the end of the September!
We are in uncharted territory here.

[The Mister is getting a royal blue shirt for his birthday today.  I'd tell you to keep it a secret, but Aster ran to greet him yesterday with a statement that went something like, "Daddy, a package came for you in the mail.  Mommy is hiding your shirt.  When are we going to open your birthday surprise blue shirt?]

Monday, September 22, 2014

As promised

We ran in the mud.
I don't have any of those promised thoughtful musings, and probably won't for another month.
In the meantime, go enjoy yourself some autumn.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

School Started; There Was a Big Spider; It Rained

Due to a monstrous vortex of independently small issues, which I may whine about in full when they are not dominating my life, I find myself more overwhelmed than ever by "regular" work, just at a time when I should be working on my tenure documents, field work, garden, family back-to-school routine (and perhaps soccer, fitness, and parents' and husband's birthdays).  Alas.
School started four weeks ago.  The boys continue to love it.  Aster cries on Fridays when he doesn't get to go.
I saw this giant spider actively snagging and wrapping the grasshopper.
It rained Saturday, and it was wonderful.
I'm running in mud this Saturday and I'll write something thoughtful again someday, or so I have promised myself.