Monday, April 25, 2016

Goose Noodle Soup

The Mister roasted a goose while my parents were in town last week.  It was tasty, but not as good as duck, which is much cheaper and more widely available.  The goose, did, however, yield 5 cups of fat, "God's gift to potatoes" (Hank Shaw, in Duck Duck Goose and fairly widely repeated on the internet) and some really nice stock.

We had goose noodle soup for lunch on Saturday.  "Goose Noodle Soup"-- the phrase makes me smile.

In other bird news, facebook tells me that today is Penguin day and I am doing nothing except grading to celebrate, I saw a second Mississippi Kite this morning, but contrary to my earlier report "they" are not all back yet.  I finished another bird book, Mockingbird, and found four children's bird books at the library book sale.  The DC eagles have full-sized talons on their fluffy gray bodies and the eggs are back at the Farmer's Market.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Watching Birds From My Office

Birds around the country are doing amazing things this week:

Eaglets in DC are growing.  The eagle cam is patriotic, cute, and nature-loving all at the same time.

A California Condor hatched (although watching a brooding condor in a cave just isn't as cool as bald eagles majestic atop a tulip tree).

And the albatross in Hawaii is crazy fluffy (although apparently it is big enough to walk around, so will wander off camera, unlike the eaglets and baby condor).

In local bird news, I've seen a flock of waxwings decimating the catkins on oak and pecan trees and then moving on to another tree several times this week (first spotting March 27).

The Mister and I saw a Mississippi Kite flying around town yesterday, two to three weeks earlier than the norm of the last 5 year.  Students reported seeing them today while working on their Vertebrate Projects, along with the first scissor-tailed flycatchers of the year.

What are the birds doing where you are?

Friday, April 1, 2016

Glowing Happened; Invasive Species Chocolate Not-So Much

If you are on the blog because of an e-mail sent to you today, April 1, you might like to know that Aster really did complete a 1-mile "glow" run last night (as did Dianthus, The Mister, and I) but none of us shattered any glow bracelets into our bodies.
Invasive Species Chocolate is a great idea you are welcome to use and someday I really am going to have a prairie chicken conservation fundraiser called a Lek-Off, but it will not be on June 31, because June 31 doesn't exist.

Oh, and yes, it is Bird Year here on the blog.