Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mothers and Winning the Cosmic Lottery

I don't want to dwell too much on how lucky I am, because a) I want to write about poser lucky charms, penis bones and the luck of having an unlucky opponent b) it makes for boring blogging and c) there is very little worse than a fortunate person droning on about his or her good fortune. However, a) I'm way too tired to tackle even cereal, much less subtleties of misfortunes b) I don't have all that many readers anyway and c) one thing far worse than someone talking about how good they have it is somebody who has it good and doesn't acknowledge it.

I have it good. If there is a giant cosmic lottery, earth having a pleasant-for-life orbit and water molecules being bent and forming hydrogen bonds is getting the power ball. Even within the scales of human history, being born to here (well, in Burbank, CA) and now (well, thirtyodd years ago) is a winning combination. Still, among the many people alive here and now, I have it good. One could suggest that this is not really luck: the many options and opportunities I have, didn't just happen, they were fought for by my predecessors, I did choose to wait for a great Mister and that my parents raised me to be academically inclined is not exactly happenstance. Still, I'm lucky. One way I'm lucky is with my mothers.

I could go on and on about how great my mother and the Mister's Mother are. See the first paragraph to know why that's a bad idea. In any case they are pretty darn wonderful. I scored bigtime in the mother and mother-in-law drawing. Happy Mothers' Day Mommy. Happy Mothers' Day Prairie Quilter!

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Abby said...

I know exactly how you feel. Every mother's day I am reminded that I hit the jackpot when in regards to my mom. Not just that she is a great mom in general, but also, our personalities mesh so well that she is really one of my best friends too. Many people are not so lucky, and I am grateful when ever I am reminded of the fact.