Thursday, October 13, 2011

Special occasion junkie

A genuine question: how do those of you who never entertain motivate yourselves to clean your house?
I'm becoming more and more convinced that not only do I enjoy planning events, I need them for my sanity (and for the state of my house).
My mental health has been a bit tenuous as of late, which, while certainly unpleasant, is not unusual. [I write this to remind other recent mothers that there is a lot of room between debilitating postpartum depression and some sort of smooth even happiness. Most of us fall in the middle, even those of us lucky enough to have great husbands, healthy children and supportive families. We should banish the added layer of guilt that we feel for having it so relatively easy and yet still feeling the need to cry.] How do I keep it together enough to throw ice cream parties, bake Lady Baltimore cakes and get very excited about upcoming fall break travels to see turning leaves?
Well, by baking cakes, throwing parties and planning trips. That and reading novels.

One of the young women I hired to help clean before last Sunday's sundae party asked, "What, exactly, is this [the party] for?" I was a bit taken aback. If one has a sundae parlor attached to the back of one's house, should one need an additional reason to throw an ice cream party?


Anonymous said...

Your father-in-law would say there does not need to be a reason to have a party, just the desire to celebrate life, to have a good time, to see others we value, etc. etc. etc. I hope you have several kinds of ice cream---and possibly
serve it in various forms---ice cream cones, sundaes, malted milks, etc.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Obviously, I agree with my FiL on this one. We limited ourselves to floats and sundaes (pushing the banana splits because we have banana split glasses and the three scoops lined up feels so decadent) and nobody had a float, so next year we may just specialize in sundaes. This year we had vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mint chip ice cream, homemade dark chocolate hot fudge, a warm sticky caramel butterscotch, crushed pineapple, warm blueberry sauce, coconut, pecans, bananas, cherries and whipped cream. Many tasty combinations can be had from that.

Marieke said...

I am also a person who plans a party just in order to get the house clean. Don't tell anyone!

The ice cream sounds amazing!

salsis said...

I have my church group over whenever I need to clean. SPSQ has almost made it to the top tier of "friends I don't clean for." Feline allergies and babies in tow will prevent her from completely making it to that tier.

I would have had a root beer float.