Friday, October 21, 2016

Bird Bingo in the Midst of a Glowing Season

Sun rise and sun sets have been phenomenal recently, and the trees in my town are just beginning to turn.  Despite plenty of turmoil around, I feel I'm in the midst of a long glowing season.

Aster and Texas Glowing in the Morning Light
BioBlitz 2016
BioBlitz was a lovely glow-y weekend in the middle of this.  We camped, ate well, taught people about invasive species and may have met our tribe (more on that someday), and, very importantly we saw birds: egrets, cormorants, vultures, herons, kingfishers, three types of woodpeckers, and osprey (which is more than the total of the last two BioBlitzes combined).  The boys played Bird Bingo twice. some bird trivia game once and we were on the winning team for BioBlitz jeopardy, where my knowledge or the state vegetable of Oklahoma (watermelon) and bird pop culture ("Just like Stevie Nicks, this bird goes ooh-ooh-ooh") came in handy.

Watch the birds and keep glowing.

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