Saturday, April 1, 2017

Leaks but No Leeks, Leks but No Lek-Off

If you somehow ended up over here because you believe anything I say on April 1, well, welcome, and, of course, most of it is true.

We did have a day without power, the day after the storm, and the kids were sent home from school because of leaking dark buildings.  I am behind.

We did all race a mile this morning in support of a child with cerebral palsy and it was very cold (albeit lacking snow).  Aster is running miles in his brace and is thriving following his surgery.  We also had a soccer game and the pinewood derby.

The theme of my year is pie (see plenty of posts below) and I hope you will congratulate my parents on 50 years of marriage this summer.

I am hosting a Silent Spring read along.

Prairie Chickens do lek (it is their mating dance).

Mister Splashy Pants is named after a Greenpeace-named Humpback Whale.

And well, I do write about leeks in toilets, specialty chocolate, and parties that happen on June 31 every year, that should make them real, right?

Of course I really do want your pie recipes and stories.  And if you have no idea what I am talking about, send me your e-mail address for your very own copy of the annual April First Report.


Anonymous said...

ANd apparently April Fool's day is the little ones day to talk. He had so much to tell us, so much more than normal. He was proud of running the mile race, how well he did, and how well his brother did.
Speaking of leks, I saw over 20 prairie chickens one morning on a hilltop. I assume it was time to "boom". Spring is definitely on the way.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Your grandsons were pretty excited to tell stories to their grandparents. Thanks for listening.

janet said...

Yay! Always a favorite! And I'm so glad to hear that Aster is doing so well!!!