Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Reptiles Than Rodents

As we have seen chipmunks and squirrels at the Chicago Botanic Garden, prairie dogs at Kanopolis Lake and around suburban Denver, and squirrels in my parents' backyard, it is probably untrue that we have seen more reptiles than rodents on our current roadtrip.

However, relative to the expected quantities of each, the reptiles are surprisingly abundant. More turtles than squirrels were trying to cross Kansas backroads. Rain on the prairie and foothills has apparently led to a bumper crop of small lizards both in Central Kansas and Roxborough State Park. Snakes at both sets of parents' places and warnings of many more. Good year for reptiles. And, thus far, not a ground squirrel (thirteen-lined, golden-mantle or otherwise) in view.


Jennifer said...

You need to come to Winnebago. We saw another 13-liner running across the road on this trip. But I also saw a bull snake in a tree while at Tallgrass Nature Preserve. So, I guess I am even.

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