Monday, December 24, 2007

Post Rodent Resolution

As 2007 draws to a close, I realize just how many rodent works I still need to read/watch/comment upon (from The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Stuart Little to the wonders of prairie dog tourism and hero rats). As I try to catch-up with rodent stuff, it is time to be thinking about the theme for 2008.

Sparkling Wine, Pink and Rodents have been very successful resolutions. Fruit and spices much less so (although we did drink some awful cordials for each). So, the basic requirements of the year's big resolution (I do have more mundane resolutions such as reading books and exercising) are that it must be something that I can share with the Mister and friends (no resolving to lower my cholesterol), something that can be spread out over the whole year and done in small increments (no resolving to go to Fiji) and something fun.


janet said...

i´ve been thinking but nothing great has come to mind yet. but, i do resolutions until my birthday. i think that could be one resolution you could use. but it has to be MY birthday, not yours! :)

Maria said...

You could try eating the official state foods of every state in the union that has such a thing. New York's state muffin, for instance, is the apple muffin, and Massachusetts has chosen the Boston Cream Pie as its state pie (state muffin:corn). A shockingly large number of states have an official muffin, so not being a muffin enthusiast, I won't be taking on this resolution myself. But it would be manageable and informative.

A woman in St Louis has taken on the challenge of preparing dishes from every single country in the world:

On the other hand, you might prefer something more long-term. A former neighbor from my childhood decided to climb the highest peaks in the Appalachians and had gotten to most of them by the time she died at nearly 100.