Saturday, December 15, 2007

ROUSs for sad nights

The Mister and I watched The Princess Bride last night. While it is not fully a rodent movie, the rodent parts, while not large, are critical. The fire swamp would not be nearly so horrible without the ROUSs (Rodents Of Unusual Size), the movie would not be nearly as campy without a human in a giant rat suit fighting Wesley, and Buttercup would not be nearly as annoying a heroine if she would have just bashed the ROUS herself. Altogether, the ROUSs* add a great deal.

The Princess Bride is one of my all-time favorite movies and the one to which I know almost every line. Its not a great movie by any account, but I love it. Sometimes one needs funny comfortable movies. Last night was one such night in our house. Our much anticipated reason for not drinking is no more and will not be arriving in July. We found out she/he wasn't alive on Thursday and I had surgery yesterday. It's devastating and horrible (and I'm not intending to make light of it by talking about it in a rodent movie post, but I don't want to talk about it at all, yet think that my friends need to know) but there really isn't anything to be done except grade the finals and curl up with the Mister and watch silly movies.

What are your favorite rodent minor characters? ROUS in Princess Bride? Templeton in Charlotte's Web? The beaver in Lady and the Tramp?

I haven't fully inspected the Rodents of Unusual Sweetness webpage, but I am terribly amused just by the link to "What to expect when your rat is expecting"

The ROUS T-shirt pictured above is available from

*How does one properly make a plural of an anacronym that ends with S?

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the prairie quilter said...

No commemts on such a sad post. We love you both!