Thursday, April 28, 2011

Deferment of Worry

Super-duper ultrasound revealed yesterday that Rutherford Robinia's ventricles are normal-sized now (Hooray!). However, it is still clear that something happened and something was amiss in the brain (it's not like the heart hole ), probably some sort of bleed that is now "organizing" (i.e. blood being reabsorbed).
We'll keep monitoring it and, most likely, it will continue not to be a problem pre-birth or at birth. However, there's no real telling what the long-term effects (if any) of (what was most likely) a stroke during fetal development are, so RuthRob's development will be tracked particularly closely, even in absence of other interventions.
He or she, by the way, weighs 2 lb 6 oz, and is starting to get a face that looks more like Dianthus's than a lemur's. RuthRobinia has appropriate numbers of fingers and toes and the doctor thinks it's developmentally significant that RR clasps and unclasps its cute little hands.
Thanks for your continued support.


Marieke said...

What, no tail? Sending good wishes your way.

Prairie Quilter said...

Thanks for the good news. You and RR are still in our prayers.

Mr. Guapo said...

Belatedly great to hear the good news, and hoping for more.

Beth said...

Glad to hear that RR is looking better.