Monday, March 28, 2016

Overlooked Eggs

March 27, 2016
Based on the title and the timing, a reader might be fooled into thinking that this is a post about the eggs my sons didn't find as they hunted in the bright chilly morning yesterday.
But they found them all.
It was just as they were hunting for eggs (in one case for the fifth time this season) and I was looking at all of the chocolate eggs we created, it occurred to me that I had entirely overlooked eggs as a part of bird year planning.
Coconut, peanut butter, maple walnut,
vanilla, and orange ginger
I'm not going to entirely remedy that here, but will include some poor quality photos of chocolate eggs, hunting eggs, a hummingbird nest and a cactus wren nest to illustrate that birds and eggs have been on my mind.  I'll add a cross of poppy flower blooming in the desert, because it seems symbolically appropriate.

Happy Spring!  May you appreciate the new life hatching out all around.
Cactus wren nest in cholla

Hummingbird nest

March 13, near White Sands Missile Test Site.
Most were gold.

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Anonymous said...

Did the pretty tulips survive the hunt for Easter eggs? Those egg hunters appear to be pretty aggressive in their quest!!!!