Monday, April 25, 2016

Goose Noodle Soup

The Mister roasted a goose while my parents were in town last week.  It was tasty, but not as good as duck, which is much cheaper and more widely available.  The goose, did, however, yield 5 cups of fat, "God's gift to potatoes" (Hank Shaw, in Duck Duck Goose and fairly widely repeated on the internet) and some really nice stock.

We had goose noodle soup for lunch on Saturday.  "Goose Noodle Soup"-- the phrase makes me smile.

In other bird news, facebook tells me that today is Penguin day and I am doing nothing except grading to celebrate, I saw a second Mississippi Kite this morning, but contrary to my earlier report "they" are not all back yet.  I finished another bird book, Mockingbird, and found four children's bird books at the library book sale.  The DC eagles have full-sized talons on their fluffy gray bodies and the eggs are back at the Farmer's Market.

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