Monday, September 24, 2007

The Half Mile Diet

From within half a mile of our house, The Mister and I have recently eaten:

  • chicken of the woods (a.k.a. "sulfur shelf) a super-tasty mushroom sauteed and folded into a fritatta.

  • chestnuts roasted in the oven

  • paw-paws picked by a student. I love the custardy fruitiness of a paw-paw

  • apples from the vacant lot peeled (because they are incredibly scabby) and baked into a pie and then others cooked with a little port and sorghum (hand-milled in Eastern Kentucky) until soft

  • tomatoes, squash, okra and herbs from our garden

  • habeneros from a student's garden

Of course, there are deer, squirrels, pigeons, Canada geese and ground hogs in the vicinity, but we've abstained from eating our rodent friends and their friends.

Who needs a whole 100 miles?

Sulfur Shelf image from the Sierra Club of Maryland Hiking Log, which you can link to here.

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The Prairie Quilter said...

They look yummy. I would never have tried to eat them. Our yard is full of some kind of white toadstool. They will grow quite large. But I won't eat them.