Saturday, September 29, 2007

No Harassing The Chipmunks

The Mister has lots of rules regarding living in our house: no harassing the chipmunks, humingbirds or finches; no clawing clothes; no pawing pens as we write; if you stay here you can't have kittens.

The plain weird thing is that these rules are being expounded to a small cat who may have a home with one of our neighbors, does not have a name, and clearly makes both of us itchy-eyed.

While she may not look like a terrorizer of chipmunks, that is the Mister's midsection she is napping upon. Her winsome ways and loud and hearty purring have clearly bewitched the humans of this household. Who knows what she might do to its rodents?


Irene said...

Be careful, this is the road that led to us having four purry furry beasts in our household! And last night I had a dream that we got another one. I don't think this dream is likely to be prophetic, because the cat in question was silvery-grey with black jaguar-esque spots. I don't think such a thing actually exists. But if I see a cat with those markings, I will have to accept the will of the gods.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

After we went out and purchased a litter box and food dish, The Little Miss Full of Purr did not show up today. Hopefully this means that she has a family somewhere and just showed up at our house for a five day vacation, but I must admit I am sad at the thought.

I hope you find your silver jaguar, Irene.

janet said...

she´s a cutie, i can see why you fell in love.