Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last Night of Squirrel Awareness Month

I was visting Squirrelman's Blog today and learned that October is squirrel of awareness month. Instead of trick-or-treating (and that happened on the 30th here anyway, you should spend some time being aware of squirrels. If you are reading this in the USA, you are in the country with the greatest squirrel diversity on the planet. I learned this from Squirrelman's odd but informative video clip of the top ten squirrel countries, which is worth a look.


Maria said...

Tom and I celebrated Raptor Awareness Day by going to the Riverlands Environmental Demonstration Area. It's just north of St Louis, on the Missouri side of the Mississippi. It's a wetlands area that forms a little patchwork of prairie and ponds just next to Lock and Dam #26.
As it turns out, we only saw one raptor, a hawk. The bigger thrill was a flock of pelicans, which were sitting close to one of the banks of Ellis Bay (a bay in the Mississippi). It's just about this time of year that they also limit access to the ponds, which become refuge areas for a large variety of waterfowl, so we could only see one entirely duck covered pond from a distance. Not a bad day. As we were leaving, we saw the hawk circling overhead.
Remember: for raptors, every day is squirrel awareness day!

Sparkling Squirrel said...

And for every live squirrel, every day is raptor awareness day!