Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mystery Squash Season

When we returned from the road trip, the healthiest plants in our garden were the giant squash vines volunteering out of the compost pile. The friend who had been watering considered them summer squash and had picked (and left) monstrous quantities. While they were tasty steamed and then sauteed with sage and sausage, I quickly determined, solely on our inability to keep up with eating the crop, that they should be considered winter squash and they have been ripening on the vine ever since.
The forecast suggests that temperatures could drop tonight (it hasn't frosted yet), and as I looked out at the muted autumnal hillsides this afternoon, I decided to harvest the volunteer mystery squash.

For the first time in my adult life, I have Halloween decorations other than a single jack-o-lantern. The grass is from The Mister's birdseed. I think it looks particularly gruesome with our purple astroturf. But at least the squash will have been admired (or tripped on) by throngs of trick-or-treaters before it returns to the compost pile.

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