Monday, September 27, 2010

And the little buggers are hard to zest, too

As I've mentioned before, I'm big into birthdays. I also like to bake, although I don't do it often. I view the Mister's birthday at the end of September as an opportunity to demonstrate how very much I like him while convincing him that birthdays are worth celebrating and simultaneously doing something I enjoy.
Based on some long-ago, not-intended-to-be-remembered comment of his, I planned to bake a Lady Baltimore cake for his birthday this year, seven minute frosting and all. Figs, alas, are not available locally. I certainly wasn't going to bake a Lady Baltimore cake with just raisins, so I had to resort to the dessert he actually wanted, key lime pie.
The problem with key lime pie is that it is super-easy. Something with only three ingredients hardly demonstrates how very fond of I am of the Mister. I worried about this enough that I also baked chocolate chip cookies (something I just don't do because I bake cookies at Christmas and chocolate chip are not Christmas cookies). Maybe pie and cookies and a nice dinner with candlelight and flowers (and marrying him, having his child and putting up with him on a daily basis) might demonstrate the depth of my affection.
Our local grocery then provided me the opportunity to substantiate my adoration. The store may not stock any dried figs, but it does carry actual key limes. Itty-bitty key limes. Thirteen of them yielded a half cup of juice.
He must know I like him now. Nothing says "love" like squeezing lots of little limes.
Happy Birthday Mister! I'd have baked it for you if it took a full cup of juice.


Marieke said...

As often as I've made Key lime pie, I've never used actual factual Key limes! Lucky you (and lucky Mister).

Irene said...

Ooh, key lime pie! That was a very cute story. Happy Birthday Mister!

janet said...

Cute cute!!! You should be able to grow figs up there...for his birthday a few years from now! :)

Ad Astra said...

Congrats on your culinary accomplishment! Always find it funny when a 'simple' recipe is hampered by horrendous prep work (slice 8 cups of onions!). Also, I'm a big fan of your sentence detailing all the ways in which you show your love--well worded!