Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BBAW Notes

It's Book Blogger Appreciation Week and I'm somewhat saddened that I have no great finds to add to my comments of last year. I do, however, still read three great book blogs regularly, and very much appreciate them.
Wuthering Expectations focuses on 19th century literature. Amateur Reader, the author, does such a great job discussing the writing, rather than his opinion of it, that I was pleasantly surprised when he stopped by Sparkling Squirrel just to encourage others to read what "may be the most charming science fiction novel every written," Little Fuzzy.
Raych at books i done read takes a wholly other approach, she reads "books so you don't have to" and she never shies away from an opinion.
Anthyrium's Marieke takes a middle approach. Her book posts are certainly personal reviews, rather than a discussion of the writing, but she finds contextual support for her opinions. She also happens to live in a place I love and shares my fondness for gardening, fiber arts and small town newspapers.
Book Blogging Universe, I appreciate you!
Amatuer Reader, Raych and Marieke, keep reading and writing.


Marieke said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks for BEING my introduction to the world of book blogging! It was fun just now to go back and read your post from a year ago. I do remember thinking... wow, there are other book bloggers?! :)

And thanks for always being there on the other end of the internet. In times of doubt, I can always console myself, At least Sparkling Squirrel likes my blog!

Amateur Reader said...

Hey, thanks; you too.

Marieke - I like it too!

Marieke said...

You're too sweet!