Monday, May 16, 2011

Birds and Bats and T-shirts

Stumped about the appropriate gift for someone? Want to support a charity in which you know exactly where the money is going?
Buy a t-shirt for one of the Haitian ecotour guides! Or buy one for yourself.
My friend Debbie (who was working to help teach children about the water quality and ecology of Haiti when the earthquake struck in January 2010) designed the shirts so that the guides will stand out and to remind people that bats and birds persist in the forests of Haiti. She gave Dianthus and his sibling prototype shirts, and Dianthus has been happily wearing his sibling's bright orange shirt to day care, where his teacher commented, "We won't lose him today," just as Debbie hoped.
Debbie leaves for another two weeks in Haiti in two weeks, contact her if you'd like to help out with educational or other supplies.

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