Thursday, October 5, 2017

Goopy Pie

Examination of my list of pies baked (previous post) and flipping through recipes for pies led me to the conclusion that I have entirely missed the category of "goopy pies" so far this year.

Ever the amiable sort, The Mister agreed that I should bake him such a pie, one with caramel or fudge, or some such goop.  Looking through Magpie, we settled on S'Mores Pie with a granola crust and homemade marshmallows.

Cake on birthday
Between his birthday, when we shared warm chocolate cake with the kids of the church community, and when I baked his pie on Saturday, we had a chance for bonus goopy pie.

The food bank had a sculpture contest with a food truck festival to promote the new food and resource center.  As we were drumming up support for the crab, we ordered Millionaire's Pie from a grilled cheese food truck, without knowing what Millionaire's Pie entails.  During Year of Pie I order whatever new pie comes my way.

As soon as we bit into the pie, The Mister commented exactly what I was thinking, "Bloat* in pie form."  It was something.

Millionaire's Bloat Pie 
The actual s'more pie was very good.  I was impressed with the homemade marshmallows (candy thermometers and gelatin are rarely things I use and they involved both) and the chocolate filling tasty, but I am unsure if it would be an improvement over chocolate cream with a whipped cream or meringue top.

*Bloat is anything called a salad that include mini-marshmallows, cool whip, marshmallow creme, pudding, or some combination of the above.  I was well into adulthood before I realized this term is not in widespread use.

Marshmallows roasted on gas burmer

45!  (Mister's age, not the President)

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Chateau said...

A most interesting assortment of pies today, but I really like the Crab of Cans sculpture!