Saturday, January 26, 2008


Strange celestial events are afoot!
The Year of the Rat is just about to begin at the same time we will be celebrating our own local rodent, the groundhog. While Chinese New Year is a bit late this year, Mardi Gras is very early. The result of this strange convergence of solar and lunar calendars? A triple excuse for an early February party.

14th Groundhog Party:
Groundhog Leads the Rats on Parade:
the Chinese Groundhog Karnival
Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras Festivities
February 2, 2008
Dumpling making at 6:30, general party at 8.
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Yes friends, the social event of the dreary winter season is once again upon us. It's time to think spring, sip a woodchuck cider or fuzzy navel** and play pin the shadow on the groundhog. This year we'll also eat lucky Asian-inspired foods, contemplate rats and other predictors of fortune, and make Mardi Gras masks.
Bring yourself in Karnival, Groundhog, or Chinese New Year clothing* along with your spouse, friends and colleagues I inadvertently missed. Contributions of food and drink certainly welcome but don't let lack of costume or food prevent you from coming.
If you are interested in coming early and making lucky jiao zi (dumplings), let me know so I can have appropriate supplies. Actually, let me know in general whether you will be attending the party or not

**Even though this is not the Groundhog Island year (about half of the annual parties are Groundhog Island), we will have Blue Groundhogs and drink umbrellas, never fear.
*No, I don't know exactly what this means. Fortunately my friends are creative.

Image from an outdated life in Hong Kong Blog.

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