Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Virginia Racoons

After a tasty meal of Lebanese food, The Mister and I were chatting with our host when there was a loud smack from the back of our host's Sears house in residential Arlington. In came his handsome black cat, Jekyll, demanding attention. Moments later a second smack from near the pet door and then a third. Jekyll, it seems, had led the local racoon right to the food door or a bitter cold night. We had seen two racoons in the neighborhood earlier in the evening, bringing our wildlife spotting for the weekend in D.C. up to a total of three racoons and a few deer in West Virginia. Of course we saw the skeleton of the giant ground sloth* in the Smithsonian, but that hardly counts.
It's strange to see more non-rodents than rodents. Perhaps because we left the prairie dog at home.

*Sloths aren't rodents either. Somehow the giant ground sloth skeleton has just become my favorite artifact at the Smithsonian.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying that the racoons came in the house. If so, what happened next? Glenn

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Our host promptly chased out the interloper racoon, looking and sounding ferocious.