Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Resolved: A Year of Luck

In 2008, I am exploring luck. There is a lengthy justification for why I am choosing luck and how I came to decide on it (there is a rationale, although it may not be truly rational). Someday if it still interests me, I may write down said lengthy justification.
In the meantime, know that in 2008 I will be doing the following things at least once a month:

  1. eating a seasonal luck-bearing food
  2. learning about something thought to change luck
  3. helping somebody else improve his or her luck

Over the course of the year, I will also be exploring lucky media and hope to visit some luck bearing locales.

What does this mean in practice?

In January, for instance, I ate black-eyed-peas on New Year's Day to bring me good luck, I befriended two black cats and I hope to write about that, and allegedly two of the tubes of toothpaste I donated to community resources this morning have already been given away to make someone's day.

In February I will be eating special dumplings for the Chinese New Year, figure out what it means to be a clever rat in the year of the rat in the auspicious year 2008 and may read Alice Sebold's Lucky or Newberry Award Winning The Higher Power of Lucky.

As a supporter of my resolution, you can find me lucky foods, fun superstitions, things with "luck" or "charm" in the title or information about lucky traditions. I will be avoiding anything meant to improve luck by hurting someone else, pyramid schemes and chain letters and anthing obviously sacred or stupid.

I will also persist with old resolutions and quests. In 2008 I will:

  • continue in the quest to drink wine from every state and sparkling wine from all over the world
  • read and share interesting books
  • share seasonal vegetable recipes
  • write interesting things about rodents as I learn them.

I'm looking forward to learning what's lucky for you.


Irene said...

That's an interesting resolution. I'm curious, are you more interested in general luckiness, i.e. doing "x" will brink luck, but no specific outcome... or the specific luck of wish fulfillment, i.e. doing "x" will make a particular wish come true? Or maybe both?

Amateur Reader said...

This is tricky. These are all unread by me.
Lucky Jim, Kinglsey Amis - I have read, many times, people say this is the funniest thing they'd ever read.
Chance, Joseph Conrad - not usually put in the top rank of Conrad's books
Omensetter's Luck, William Gass - genuninely avant garde, but actually about luck.

Would you like a custom made CD of luck-related songs?

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Irene: I'm think I'm more interested in general luckiness (I've read too many novels to not know that we mortals rarely know what to wish for) but if I come across fountains or wells or evening stars, I'm definitely making my wish.

Am. Read: Lucky Jim is on my list, and I'll certainly consider the others. I would most definitely like a CD of luck-related songs.