Monday, March 24, 2014

CHASA Fundraising

This week I interrupt root awareness (I bought burdock, turmeric, celariac and golden beets last week!) to inform you about the Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA, found here).
I first mentioned CHASA last fall when I wrote about Aster's hemiplegic cerebral palsy diagnosis.  Since then, I've learned a ton from the organization and its members through the improved website and a parents' facebook group (to which the Mister and both belong), and now they are fundraising.

CHASA programs include shoe exchanges, matching families to research studies, retreats and camps, college scholarships and sending stuffed animals with orthodics to kids with hemiplegia.  Importantly, CHASA is a great and expanding resource for information like how to apply for early intervention programs, best ways to apply kinesio tape or what questions one should ask at an IEP meeting.

If you want to donate directly, there is donation area on the main page (top "here" link).  At the moment, you can also donate (1/2 percent of your purchases) through the Amazon smile program.

Amazon Smile CHASA link (I think it's stable)

Amazon smile in general (definitely stable, but then you need to chose a charity)

This is in no way stating that shoe exchanges for kids whose braces require different size shoes is more important than . . . [insert worthy cause here].  I can, however, vouch that the organization does a lot with very little and offers a real service.  Thanks.


Mom said...

Thanks for this info!

Anonymous said...

FYI Nordstrom will sell you 2 different sized shoes for a single pair price as long as it's a full size difference. This works for both US and EU sizing so you can have it be a half size. They can do it over the phone too.